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What Should I Note During A Blood Pressure Measurement Process?

1. Relax a few minutes before taking the measurement.

2. The upper arm cuff should be placed on your left naked upper arm.

3. Pay attention on the size of your cuff, it should't be to small or you will get to high results.

4. Place the air hose on the middle of your arm, orientated to your middle finger. The lower edge should be positioned 1-2 cm over your elbow.

5. Take the measurement while sitting and avoid any movements or talking.

6. Relax your arm and place it loosely on an even surface for example a table.

7. The device should be positioned on a stable place and should not be moved.

8. Breathe normally and avoid any talking.

9. Incase you want to take several measurements one after another, you should wait at least 1 minute between the measurements.

10. Advice: Measure your blood pressure everyday under the same conditions to approx. the same time for example every morning after getting up.


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