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Weight reading

Setting up scale and profile

To use your scale, you first need to set up your profile. 
To do this, press the SET- Button until the saving space blinks on the display and choose the desired space with the ▲/▼- buttons.


Press SET again to confirm and keep going like that to set up your sex, the athlete-mode, age and size.


Making the measurement

After setting up the personal data, step on the scale barefoot. 

To pair the the scale with the app, choose "settings" and "my data" in the app and set up your personal settings. The profile here should fit to the one in the scale. Now tap on "save".
After that, go to the list of available devices and choose the scale. Now step barefoot on the scale and after the beeping sound it will show up in the menu.

To weigh yourself again, just step on the scale. If your smartphone is close with bluetooth activated, it will connect automatically.


For the most accurate results, 

  • always weigh yourself barefoot.
  • the feet need to be firm on the electrodes.
  • stand upright.
  • make the measurement about 15 minutes after getting out of bed/after showering or bathing with towel dry feet.
  • always weigh at the same time of day.
  • don't make the measurement after heavy physical activity, because certain areas might be differently suppplied with blood than they would usually be.
  • the soles of your feet need to be towel dry and clean.
  • make sure that your knees don't touch.
  • the scale should be on even ground.


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