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Forearm bloodpressure measurement

Before you can use the device, you need to put in batteries. You can find the lid of the batterycasing on the left side of the device. Open it and put in the enclosed batteries.


Setting up the device

Press thee START- and M- Button while the device is turned off, now you can set the month. Press the M- button until the desired month comes up.
Now press START to change to the day.
Keep doing this to set the next data.
This data is lost when you change the batteries, you'll have to redo this then.


Making the measurement

Attach the cuff, if possible on the left wrist with the display and the inside of your hand up.
To make the measurement, sit down and lay your arm on a table, for example. Hold your wrist on about the same height as your heart. 

Press the Start/Stop button and your device will start the reading. Your device will try to connect via Bluetooth, visible from the blinking Bluetooth-symbol. Choose your device in the list of available devices to connect.

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