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Upper arm bloodpressure-measurement

To awaken the device from the sleep- mode, unlock the device by switching the lock- button downwards and pressing the M-, Start/Stop and the SET/SLEEP- button at the same time.

Setting up the device

Press and hold the SET/SLEEP- button for at least 3 seconds. First the, date will blink. To set the month, press the M- button as many times as needed to have the desired date.

Press the SET/SLEEP- button to confirm.

Keep going like this to set the day and the two possible alarm-times. After ending it will display "Ok".


Making the measurement

To measure your bloodpressure on the upper arm, connect the endpiece of the air hose of the cuff to your device.
If possible, place the cuff around your left arm, if not use your right. Keep this in mind for the measurement:

  • The airhose should be on the inside of the arm.
  • It should point in the direction of your hand, extending your middle finger in the middle of the arm.
  • The cuff should be about 2-3cm above the elbow.

Now sit down and hold your arm so that the cuff is on the same height as your heart.
The measurement can begin, activate your device by pressing Start/Stop, keep in mind that Bluetooth needs to be activated. Now your device will start to read.

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