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Setting up the device

To use the device, put in suitable battieries.

Now you can set up date and time: The last two characters of the date will blink. Choose the correct value with ">" and press START/STOP. 
Keep going this way for the next values. The blinking characters are the ones you can change.

Now go back to the app and follow the instructions there to make your first measurement.


Making the measurement

To measure your blooodsugar, lay out everything you'll need, the piercing aid, your device and the test-strips-

Set the piercing aid to your thickness of skin, 1 is for thin skin and 6 for thick skin. Cock your piercing aid. 

Put a test-strip in the device, making sure that its facing the correct way. 
You can choose if the measurement is before or after a meal using the ">"-Button. You also have to option to choose that its before a meal but you want an alarm after two hours.

Press the ON/OFF- Button to confirm your input. Of the blooddrop-symbol on the display blinks, take a drop of blood from the tip of your finger. Now feed this drop of blood into the end of the test-strip which sticks out of your device. If enough blood is sucked in, the device will start the reading and after about 5 seconds you will see the testresult.

The "bt"- symbol will start blinking now and the device will try to connect to the VitaDock+ App.


Choose your bloodsugar-measurement device in the list of available devices and connect.


For the best-possible reading, keep this in mind:

  • Keep in mind that your hands should be as clean as possible, but don't use disinfectants, those can falsify the readings.
  • Use the second drop of blood, not the first.
  • The test-strip capillary needs to be filled completely with blood. To make sure of this, bring the test-strip to the blood, not the other way around. Let the capillary suck in the blood, don't brush off the blood on the strip.
  • After taking the strip out of the packaging, use it within 3 minutes. 
  • Use up a box of strips within 3 months.
  • Do not store the strips in temperatures of below 2°C or above 30°C. Also always store them in their original box.
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