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Calculating the middle length of step?

There are multiple methods of calculating it, optimising the readings of the Activity Tracker.

Here are our three favorites:

1. At home:

  • Put a tape measure on the ground in the biggest possible room.
  • Walk along it and stop mid-step next to the tape measure.
  • Now count the distance between heel and heel or tip and tip and note it down.
  • Do this thrice.
  • Add all values and divide by three.
  • this is your middle length of step, which you can put in in your settings.

2. On the track:

  • Take a preferably easy to calculate distance (like 100m for example).
  • Now walk this in your average speed and count your steps.
  • Now divide this distance (in cm) by the amount of steps.
  • You now have your middle length of step in cm.

3. On the treadmill:

  • Step on the treadmill and activate your Activity Tracker. Now remember the steps your tracker counted yet.
  • Start the treadmill and set it to a tempo you're used to.
  • The farther you walk, the more accurate the reading (500m should be enough).
  • Take the steps you walked (difference between the value in the beginning and the one now) .
  • Divide the distance you walked by the amount of steps and you have your middle length of step.


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