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Multiple users Smartphone/Tablet

You can manage multiple trackers with one smartphone or tablet.

  • Open the VD+ app and touch the bluetooth-icon in the upper right corner. Alternativly, you can use the menu-icon in the upper right corner and open "device list".
  • Press the right arrow under MX3 and press the "set up device" button. Follow the instruction and the activated ViFit Connect MX3 Activity Trackers in proximity will appear for you. Choose the device to finish the pairing.
  • Press the gear-button under MX3 in the device list and choose the "-"-button to decouple the tracker. Do the pairing with another MX 3 tracker with the instruction above.

Attention: The Synchronization with another tracker will overwrite the data of your old device. If you want to save the data of every device separately, you should use multiple user accounts.

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