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No Bluetooth connection

  • Please confirm whether your Android- or Apple device is Bluetooth®-Smart (4.0) ready. You can find information regarding this here.
  • To display the measurements on your Android- or Apple device you have to do a complete measurement (including bodyfat, water, and muscle). Afterwards the different values will be displayed.
  • Should your device not receive the data automatically please connect the scale again via the devicelist in the app.

A complete description of the initial Bluetooth-connection can be found here.

In some cases it can help to only start the VitaDock+ App once the measurement has been started on the scale. Bluetooth has to be activated already however and you have to be logged in to your account. Should the VitaDock+ App start too slow, the data won't be transfered. That's why we generally recommend starting the App before a measurement.

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