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Initial setup and measurement with the scale and the VitaDock+ App

This is how easy it is to connect your BS 444 CONNECT with your Bluetooth®-Smart (4.0) compatible Apple- or Androiddevice:

  1. Setup your personal profile on your BS 444 CONNECT.
  2. Activate Bluetooth® on your iOS- or Android-device and connect to the internet.
  3. Download the VitaDock+ App from Apple AppStore or Google Play Store.
  4. Start the VitaDock+ App, select the "Ξ" symbol in the upper right to open up the menu.
  5. Select "personal settings" type in your personal settings and press "save" to get back to the startscreen.
  6. Select "weight" and setup your personal data and press "save"IMPORTANT: Select a personal target weight, additionally make sure the selected profile in the app is the same as the one you setup on the scale. Please note that only after these steps is the BS 444 setup complete.
  7. Now select the Bluetooth symbol in the uper right corner: You should now get to the menu "My devices"
  8. To establish the connection between your smartphone/tablet and the scale press the SET button of the scale and select your profile, which you defined in step 5. Step on to the scale barefoot and do a complete measurement.
  9. Now click on "new" under "Medisana Scales" in the VitaDock+ menu "my devices". Three infoscreens will come up guiding you through the process. Press "continue" to start the device search.
  10. The scale will show up in the "my devices" menu of the app.
  11. Now select the blue button connect next to the scale (Note: if the device was already connected the button will be green)
  12. The measurements will be automatically transferred and saved to VitaDock+.
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