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First linking via Bluetooth with VitaDock+ App

1. Make sure that device and phone are on and bluetooth is on.

2.Download the VitaDock+ App from the Apple App Store or from Google Play and install it on your mobile device. (The Medisana VitaDock app is not compatible)

3. Open your VitaDock+ app.

4. Touch the -Icon.

5. Press and hold the Button on the device for about 10sec to pair it with the app. During the pairing-process, these two symbols will be on your screen:

6.Choose under "my devices" your Activity Tracker ViFit connect MX3 to pair.

7. If the devices linked properly, "Success!" will appear on your screen. If not "Fail!" appears. 

8. If this is the case, check if Bluetooth was activated properly, both devics on and the app installed correctly. Bring them closer together and try again.

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