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How do I activate the power?

The use of direct current acitvates the elektrolysis. For this reason the power needs to be low enough to not hurt you. Always start with the lowest setting.

We advise to do the first treatment on 1. After that, always use the lowest setting where you can feel the power and warmth. During the treatment the warmth will increase, lower the strength, so that the treatment feels as good as possible.

The sensitivity of skin and tissue is, depending on the person, different, so for the first few treatments, we recommend to check after about two minutes if your skin became red. Deactivate the device and take off the electrodes.

The reddening is acceptable if it is barely visible. If it's easily visible, you need to go down on power. After the treatment, a little bit of red is normal, it will fade.

Face and groinarea are especially sensitive. In the most cases, power above 1 is too much. 

The treatment must not be unpleasant, the feeling of power and warmth must be barely noticeable.

If even the lowest bit of power leads to heavy reddening of the skin, stop the treatment immediatly and seek advice. A slight reddening is normal.

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