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Who can use this device?

This device isn't meant to be used by people (including children) with limited physical, sensory or mental abilities, lacking experience and/or knowledge, except, they are supervised by a person comissioned for his/her safety and were instructed on how to use the device.

Children have to be supervised, to ensure that they don't play with the device.

Don't use it to support or replace medical treatments. Chronic suffering or symptoms can be worsened.

Hold back on using it or talk to your doctor, if:

-you're pregnant

-you have a pacemaker or any other electronic implants

-you have circulatory disorders, varicose veins, open wounds, bruises, cracked skin or phlebitis.

Generally, if it hurts, you should stop and talk to a doctor.

Don't use it:

-on children/animals.


-in the car.

-when drinking or if you took painkillers.

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