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Who is allowed to use the device?

The device isn't meant to be used by persons including kids) with limited physical, sensoric or mental abilities or lacking experience or knowledge, except they are supervised by a person commissioned for their safety and got instructions on how to use the device.

Children need to be supervised to ensure that they don't play with the device.

Don't use the device to support or replace medical application. Chronical suffering or symptoms can even worsen.

You should refrain from using the MPA or atleast talk to your doctor, if:

-you're pregnant, 

-you have a pacemaker, artificial joints or electric implants, 

-you suffer from one or more of the following sicknesses or ailments:

circulatory disturbance, varicose veins, open wounds, bruises, skin tears, phlebitis.

Generally the treatment should be pleasant, if you feel pain, talk to your doctor and stop the treatment immediatly.

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