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Before I Bought the BU 575 Blood Pressure Monitor, I Used A Device From Another Company. Why Do I Get Different Results With The MEDISANA Device?

Most electronic monitors work with the so called 'oscillometric method'. Each manufacturer applies his own principles in analysing the measured signals and finding the related systolic and diastolic values. Therefore there are significant differences in accuracy between the monitors - this was also proven by several clinical studies.
MEDISANA has many years of experience in analysing these body signals and detecting blood pressure very accurately. The high accuracy of MEDISANA's measurement principle has been confirmed by comprehensive clinical studies performed by independent medical centres using the highest international standards.
Each manufacturer applies his own principles which are also optimised for the 'standard' population. There might be individuals for whom one device is more suitable than another. In the same way, two doctors who have different skills in measuring blood pressure with their stethoscopes can obtain different results.
A further reason for different data might be that the blood pressure may change between measurements. It is actually not easy to have same conditions for sequentially performed measurements. It is not unusual that sequential measurements taken with the same device give different readings based an the unstable physiological conditions and influencing side factors (talking noise, movements, etc.)!
If you want to compare two systems, as many influencing factors as possible must be eliminated. The measurements have to be performed without any outside disturbance and by following the instructions given in the manual. Each measurement should be performed under comparable living conditions at a similar time of day. Take care to relax between the measurements and wait for at least three minutes. Perform several measurements with each device and compare the average values. Only after following the above instructions accurately will you know how big the differences really are. 

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