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Why Do I Get Different Results With My Own Blood Pressure Monitor Than With The One Used By My Doctor?

One reason might be that you are not as relaxed at the doctor's as you are at home. If you are less relaxed at the doctor's, the blood pressure is higher. Systolic pressure 15 mmHg lower is normal in relaxed surroundings.
Another reason can be related to the normal variations of human blood pressure over the day. Changes of up to 30 mmHg within a short time period may appear in relation to physical activity (sport, brainwork, stress, stomach, etc...).
It is therefore recommended that you measure your blood pressure at similar times of day under comparable conditions, for example every evening about an hour after you have dinner.
It is also important to note that each manufacturer applies his own principles in detecting blood pressure. A difference between the device and the doctor can also be based on different 'skills' of both systems and can be compared with the difference that may appear when two doctors measure the same patient with their stethoscopes but obtain different values. 

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