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How Do I Synchronize My Data With The VitaDock+ App?

Before your first measurement and synchronisation please check the date, time and user settings of your BU575. Please click here for further informations.

  1. Start the VitaDock+ app on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Set up your personal settings and and blood pressure settings
  3. Press the "+"-icon (in this case skip step 2) or the menu icon on the upper left side.
  4. If Bluetooth is not activated, please confirm the authorization to activate Bluetooth (if not skip to step 5).
  5. Your blood pressure monitor should be listed provided there are still not synchronized data contained. Press "Connect".
  6. On your blood pressure monitor press and hold the START/STOP button for three seconds to reach the manual transmit mode.
  7. The Bluetooth icon flashes and the data transfer starts.
  8. Incase the Bluetooth transfer has been successful the Bluetooth icon and the word "OK" appears on the display. If the data have not been successfully transferred the blood pressure monitor displays the word "Err".
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