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What Is The Normal Range Of Blood Pressure?

In the United Kingdom, blood pressures are usually categorised into three groups; low (90 systolic/60 diastolic or lower), high (140 systolic/90 diastolic or higher), and normal (values above 90 systolic/60 diastolic and below 130 systolic/80 diastolic). Every value in mmHg (millimeter of mercury).


The stage 2 hypertension range lays between 160-180 mmHg systolic and 100-110 mmHg diastolic. Values above the maximum range of the stage 2 hypertension range already lay in the hypertensive emergency range. We recommend you to take blood pressure measurements and share them with your doctor on a regular basis. If your systolic measurement results often exceed the value of 140 mmHg, or your diastolic measurement results frequently get over 90 mmHg, you should see your doctor. It is usual for blood pressure to oscillate between higher and lower values, so don't be worried at once. But if your measurement results frequently exceed the normal blood pressure range, you should definetly see your doctor.

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