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Which functions does the BU 575 contain?

The BU 575 is offering two different operation modes:

The alarm clock mode is activated while standing upright on a table f.ex. In this mode date hours and minutes are displayed. The BU 575 can be used comfortably as travel alarm clock in this state. 

The blood pressure mode is activated while lying flat on a table for example. In this mode the device works as blood pressure monitor suited for the upper arm. Not only the systole and diastole are displayed on the screen, the pulse date and time are shown too. Additionally the BU 575 warns you of arrhytmia and classifies the grade through a traffic light scale so that you'll be able to recognize high blood pressure on first sight (the scale works with WHO values).

The BU 575 stores blood pressure data of two users, and of that 180 values for each of them. Is the storage limit reached and a new measurement value stored then the oldest one is deleted automatically.

Additionally the BU 575 makes it possible to transfer your measurement data viaBluetooth to the VitaDock+ App or the VitaDock Online portal. The VitaDock applications allow a detailed evaluation, storage and synchronization of your measurement data between several iOS and Android devices. With that you are always able to access  your data and to share it with your friends or your doctor. After every measurement an automatic transfer takes place (as long as Bluetooth is activated and configurated on your recieving device).

The cuff of the BU 550 is big (for approx. 22 - 36 cm upper arm range) and durable.

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