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Differences BU 550/BU 575/BU 510

The BU 550 and BU 575 can - in contrast to the slight older BU 510 - transfer your data via Bluetooth to the VitaDock+ App for iOS and Android on your smartphone or tablet. This way your measurement data will be synchronized automatically with your VitaDock Online account and will be accessable from everywhere at every time with your VitaDock+ App on your mobile devices and the VitaDock Online potal on your PC / MAC.

In contrast to the BU 550 and BU 510 the BU 575 contains an alarm clock function and an inbuildt battery which can be charged through mini USB. The BU 550 and 510 work with usual batteries or a special power supply from Medisana.

The BU 550 can store two users with 500 storage places each, whereas the BU 575 has storage place for two users with 180 values each.

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