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"Process cannot be completed"

Getting this message could have different causes.

A proxy server is unfortunately not suited to be used with our software.


In other cases please try:

  • DO NOT connect your ViFit® Activity Tracker to your PC/MAC.
  • Start the VitaDock software
  • Click on the button for logout (lower right, chain symbol and human figure) and confirm
  • Now click on "login"
  • If your mail address is shown correctly click on "Allow"
  • Optional: You could be asked to enter a specific security token. Just copy it and enter the token into the text field which has opened in your software.
  • The checkbox with "Synchronize data automatically" should be checked
  • Now connect your ViFit® Activity Tracker with your PC/MAC - the synch process should start immediately.

If this guide didn't help you, please contact our support service.

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