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Top 5 hints

1. Activate your ViFit® Activity Tracker by pressing the button until the loading bar is charged completely. Now the tracker is ready to use, but not set up for you personally. For that please continue to read point 2.

2. To get really reliable measurement data, we recommend to register at VitaDock Online. Only after the connection between your online account and your ViFit® Activity Tracker personal stats and data as time of day and date can be set.

3. You need an internet connection to guarantee the synchronization.

4. To check if your VitaDock software is up to date you only need 2 clicks: right click onto the VitaDock symbol and right click on "info.

5. An exact measurement of the kick movements while biking is not possible because the calculation of distance is distorted by the driving mode. Reason: The tracker still is counting walking steps.

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