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Under which conditions am I able to get the best measurement results?



1. You should measure your blood pressure every day, on the same time under similiar, relaxed and calm conditions, for example approx. one hour after dinner.

2. Take a measurement while sitting at a calm atmossphere.

3. Avoid eating, smoking or physical effort shortly before measurement.

4. Relax a few minutes before measurement.


5. Make sure that your arm/ wrist range doesn't exceed the given cuff range.

6. Attach the cuff as described in the user manual.

7. Put on the cuff and pull it tight, but not to the extend of uncomfort.

8. Don't restrict the blood flow while using the upper arm cuff. Thin clothing doesn't restrict the accuracy.

9. Connect the cuff to the main unit and turn on the device.

10. With wrist model devices make sure, to hold your wrist up to heart level!


11. Avoid any movements.

12. Don't contract any muscle in the used arm.

13. Breathe normally and don't talk.

14. If you want to take more measurements at a time, please wait at least one minute between the measurements.

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