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What should be considered while taking measurements?

It's useful for the doctor's observation of the effects of the treatment, when patients with high blood pressure take measurements themselves on a regular basis. You should note your measurement values in a special notebook for blood pressure and fill in the "comments" column with notes like "felt a bit sick", "dizzyness", "sleep was interrupted", "forgot to take medicine", "had specific physical or mental problems". It's also important to always measure on the same arm at the same times of the day. Before that, you should drink neither coffee nor alcohol and you shouldn't smoke. Take your measurement after a five-minute-break in a calm environment while sitting down. Don't forget that measurement devices for the wrist have to be hold up at the level of your heart to get precise measurement values. Compare your data with those of your doctor. At least you should let your measurement device be calibrated occasionally (every two years) by the destined shop or manufacturer.

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