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What Do "VitaDock® App Connect" And "VitaDock® Online" Mean?

VitaDock® Online is an online portal developed by Medisana® for saving, accessing, analysing and exporting your own health data. This portal allows you to save blood-pressure, blood-sugar, weight and temperature data independently of the device and to read this data in the form of statistics and tables. The CardioCompact blood-pressure monitor from Medisana® allows you to transfer your measurements to the portal via the USB interface and therefore to use the blood-pressure section of VitaDock® Online. If you have an iPhone®**, iPad®** or iPod touch®**, you can also transfer the saved values from the portal to the VitaDock® app on your iOS device ("VitaDock® App Connect"). To do this, you must first download the free VitaDock® app from the App Store, install it on your iPhone®**, iPad®** or iPod touch®**, and register your device to your user account on VitaDock®Online. You can find more information on transferring the measurements to the
VitaDock® app here.

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