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Here you have an overview about the number of applications, measurement data, last password update and your currently used email address for login. You can manage them at this place. Just click on the drop down menu under Settings at the menubar and choose the concerning elements.

The element Accout gives you an overview about the number of measurement data in four different categories. You can delete specific measurements or even the whole account with all its measurement data. But keep attention! After the deletion of the whole account a renewed login into that exact account is not possible anymore.

With Email you are able to change the currently used email address for login into another preferred one. Confirm the update with your password and allow your mobile devices to automatically log out of VitaDock® Online (optional but recommended)for preventing synchronization errors. Login with your mobile devices as usual but now using the newly updated email address.

With Password you can update you currently used password into a new one.

The element Application gives you an overview about the different devices which are currently connected with your VitaDock® Online account and which services are provided by them. The purple button Delete Access stops the synchronization between your account and the chosen device. To connect them again, set the synch settings again with your device as you have done before.

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