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What do I find on the Vitadock® Online Website?

  • The website ist separated in several sections. At the upper right side of the site you will find the purple Sign Up-Button. You can get more information to the sign up process here.

  • Below, there is a grey menu bar with eight selectable elements:


  1. Home
  2. Blood sugar
  3. Temperature
  4. Blood pressure
  5. Weight
  6. Activity
  7. Settings
  8. Login
  • Below the menu bar there is the main frame, which already contains some information and links to the login page, our terms of use and our data privacy statement.

  • On the right side you can scroll through all the current tweets concerning our poducts of Medisana and VitaDock®. With that, you are able to catch up with all kinds of reviews and news.

  • At the bottom of the website there is a selection of languages to display (German, English, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and French), display versions (desktop size representation for PCs and mobile size representation for smartphones and tablet PCs) and links to our contact form, FAQs, API und About.

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